Environmental Statement

United Tile is committed to conducting its business in an environmentally responsible manner. We have undertaken a number of initiatives and will continue to develop and implement policies and practices consistent with that commitment:

Blue Works Business

United Tile Recycled LEED Tile Products

PGE Renewable Energy

  1. All United Tile locations are required to follow proven environmentally responsible business practices.

  2. All United Tile locations have adopted alternative sustainable energy programs, promoting clean air and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

  3. United Tile actively seeks to represent manufacturers whose products are produced in an environmentally responsible manner.See our GREEN PRODUCTS section for more information.

  4. The company is committed to assist regional architects with products and information that help them earn LEED points for their projects. For additional information on the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program, visit their website: www.usgbc.org

  5. All employees are provided with training that alerts them to the importance of following environmentally sensitive practices and encourages them to do so in their personal lives.

Specific examples of the above include:

  • Following an environmental audit conducted by the City of Portland’s Office of Sustainable Development, our Portland office was named a Recycle at Work (formerly BlueWorks) company, recognizing our compliance with the proven practices recommended by this agency. Renton has also been honored for similar efforts by the City of Renton’s Business Recycling Program.

  • We have committed to renewable power programs in every location. While it means we pay a premium for our energy, we are assured 100% comes from renewable power sources. These Earth-friendly energy programs reduce the average environmental impact by 20% per month and help support the development of wind farms. United Tile offices participate in the following programs:

  • Portland – PGE Clean Wind Program
  • Renton – Puget Sound Energy Green Power Program
  • Everett – Snohomish County PUD Planet Power Program

  • United Tile has become an EPA Green Power Partner. Attention to electricity usage is an effective way to reduce our environmental impact. Annually, at United Tile this has the same benefit as:

  • Not driving the average car 746,063 miles.
  • Planting 138 acres of trees.
  • Avoiding 696,325 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions

  • We have become an active member of the Renewable Northwest Project (RNP). RNP actively promotes the expansion of solar, wind and geothermal energy in the Northwest.

  • We actively seek to represent companies who have adopted environmentally responsible manufacturing processes and operational policies. Examples include Terra Green, a manufacturer of ceramic tile made with over 55% post-consumer glass products. See the GREEN PRODUCTS section of our website for more details.

  • We were successful in helping convince Laticrete International, our leading installation materials supplier, to build a manufacturing plant in the Pacific Northwest. Laticrete’s Lebanon Oregon plant opened in November, 2007. It is the only facility of its kind in the Northwest and offers unique advantages of contributing LEED points to projects using Laticrete products because they are sourced within 500 miles of the manufacturing site.

  • In recognition of our consistent record of advocacy for the environment, United Tile was name one of the “100 Best Green Companies to Work For in Oregon” by Oregon Business Magazine in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

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